Logs to html website or discord webhook

I have been having trouble finding a solution. I want to have the bot logs get sent to a website or discord channel (Webhook or Bot does not matter). I tried searching around and could not get anywhere. Some of my code is obsolete because of Glitch but hopefully, the ping services ban lifted. But in the meanwhile, we need something to show the logs.

What do you mean by logs? Do you want the discord bot to send data to your website?

Either method does not matter if it goes to discord or a website

Option #1:
While I can’t give you code examples, you could look into sending a POST request to your website. On that website you could handle the POSTed data and store it in a SQL database and display it to the public.

Option #2:
Using discord webhooks, you could POST data to your website and then that data would be send to discord. Example (in php):

Replace the message text of the webhook with $_POST['discord_bot']. When the website gets POST data it will go to the discord channel you want.

Should I do this with the same project?

You might want to make a new project if you plan to use the PHP option.

Okay how would I connect with the discord’s bot project because I want the logs from the bot not from a different project