Looking for Cool projects to host


I just bought Glitch Boost.

It’s super expensive, so I’m wondering what projects I could remix and use that are cool to make the most of my boosts.

Thanksuuu <3

Hi @SwShhhh!
There are loads! Just search one up that you are interested in on glitch.com and away you go! Have a search around! Even popular businesses have accounts like Spotify to show off their APIs so you could have a look at them :slight_smile:

I’ll make a list :grinning:

Edit: More or less categories from https://glitch.com/search


would suggest github.com/awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted

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Gogs is essentially a self hosted github.

There is a project that you can remix floating around somewhere, I’ll tell you if I can find it.

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How about GlitchyPastePen???


Yeah but why not try learn code @khalby786?

Well the editor for learn code is a bit big for my screens might be getting the mixed up with kidz

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The buttons are too big on a tablet :joy:

And all the code I type is saved in the URL! What if I want to share the link to someone, it’s going to be a really big URL.


And there is a limit of how long urls can be I think

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GET URLs do have a limit.

Ok here are some projects
Glitchord better known as discord-clone on github: Open source discord clone
Stack Overflow Clone: https://github.com/Mayank0255/Stack-Overflow-Clone
Why should I buy stack overflow teams when I can self host my own server ^
OpenRadio by me: https://github.com/javaarchive/OpenRadio/tree/glitch
^ doesn’t work with cloudflare currently due to a bug
Open-source io game: https://github.com/tobspr/shapez.io

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I will be fixed soon, theres going to be a new explorer and that stuff. Just remember that that is the “basic pen” for now

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