Looking for Discord Bot Developers!

I recently made a website for our server and wanted to somehow incorporate a dashboard to go with it- in order to do so, I would need a bot to be able to push/pull information. Would you be able to make the bot and dashboard with my website’s template? The dashboard would be for all members, so the member’s role doesn’t matter.

  1. Ability to change nicknames (with approval) via the website.
  2. Ability to see your own roles.
  3. Ability to search for other members after being logged in, also being able to see their roles.
  4. Ability to see everyone with a staff role, could you build a member page with a role filter?
  5. General theme of our current website.

I’m just looking for a rough quote at this point to see if it’s realistically something I’d be able to do.

I could build a theme for your website for free.

I have a theme, I need a bot with the following requirements above.

Oh. It said in the above post that you wanted a web template.

It says I need a custom bot & bot dashboard dashboard to go with our current web template. :joy:

Oh. Whoops! I misread.

This really isn’t the place to ask for developers. This is the place to ask for help for specific questions, not to get someone to do it for you. Please see this post: How To Ask a Good Question (and How To Respond Accordingly)


Get ahold of me on discord. ClearlyElevated#1337

I don’t have a of a problem with recruitment on the forums, but I am going to adjust the title.


add me trollfest#2552

Nothings found, add me @nsfw_dylan#6666

Added, can’t DM until you accept. My @ is nsfw_dylan#6666