Looking for great PWA tutorials

I found Glitch through a google code tutorial and absolutely love it. I didn’t love the tutorial as much. Can you recommend some great PWA tutorials based on Glitch projects?

Lemme guess, was it the Google DevTools tutorial?

Yes it was. Its not terrible but I could use many more.

On Glitch, there aren’t many tutorials, but the README of each project is very helpful.

You could start here: https://glitch.com/@glitch/learn-to-code

Some apps for productivity: https://glitch.com/@glitch/tools-for-work

And this page has a whole lot of projects and some tutorials for you to remix: https://glitch.com/create
Scroll to the bottom of the above page to see many collections containing a whole bunch of projects for various purposes.

Finally, Glitch’s YouTube channel offers a whole lot of tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEXPMR0aWP1RuwXyOy4iv0g


After working through a few I think what I was really looking for is this youtube

and this glitch;
https://glitch.com/~-github-com-polymer-pwa-starter-kit (though it is probably worth looking for a current version)

This tutorial creates a basic PWA with Glitch: https://codelabs.developers.google.com/codelabs/your-first-pwapp/#0

I think that is the one that directed me to glitch. I am very grateful. The glitch platform got me past the hurdle of setting up an environment that has held up my learning for a long time. This is so much fun.

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@haywardt, glad to know that!