Lost access to all projects after signout and signin with github

Last week somehow I lost access to all my projects. Github user: falvhb
Can you restore those somehow?

I can see you have 3 projects under that account, are those all of them or did you have more?

Thanks for taking a look. I had like 15 projects.
One project was
it is still out there but I can’t access it. It should have been me who did create this project.

Hey falvhb, looking at the project details (https://api.glitch.com/projects/one-138) it appears there’s a member of the project with the github login of FedericoElles is this also you?

FedericoElles has 20 projects https://api.glitch.com/users/400018 , do these seem familiar to you?

Yes, this is one of my accounts. However, it is not the creator of the project, which was falvhb.

it looks like the falvhb account only has 3 projects on it https://api.glitch.com/users/byLogins?logins=falvhb . One thing you can do to change the ownership of those projects is to have a browser logged in to FedericoElles and another browser logged into falvhb. Then, use the falvhb to connect to the projects and invite yourself into them.

OK, so no idea why access was lost. I thought maybe you got some logs and could be able to restore access to those projects left without any owner.
I should be able to restore some projects which had multiple users.
Thanks for your support.

Which projects of yours are left without an owner? So far we’ve only seen projects created by a different one of your accounts.

Those create by falvhb and not shared with anyone. Since those are removed from the falvhb account, theoretically there should be no owner left.
I’m sorry I do not know any project names. :cry: