Lost access to my projects

I have about 5-6 projects that I use regularly most of which are only used to display information about my main site (hosted on github). However I do use 2 sites to write and test my website before I upload it to github, one is for myself and the other is for my dev team.
2 hours ago I opened up one of my sites to start working and it loaded properly, but about 20 minutes ago I went to my profile page to see that the 2 main sites I had were missing. I still have full access to the editor, but had to type in the URL manually, the project also works 100% fine I just cannot access them from my account. Every other project I started I still have access too.

Did I violate any rules/limits? What happened?

I had the same issue. Here’s how I solved the issue on my account.

  1. (You need to know the name of atleast 1 of your projects) Go to : https://glitch.com/edit/#!/projectname/

  2. In the top left hand corner, click the project options button.

  3. Click switch project.

  4. Select another project.

  5. Go back to glitch.com

  6. After this, the issue should be solved for you.


Hey @Geogolf, sorry to hear about this — are you still having trouble finding your Glitch projects under your account?