Lost my whole code

i was coding and i needed to upload an asset image so i uploaded it, and while i was supposed to wait until it was uploaded i switched from the asset tab to the .js file and my whole js file was replaced with something like {“name”:imagename.jpg, date… blah blah}
it just happned and im shook, i tried to ctrl z it but it didnt work help help help help

OH MY GOD NVM/ how do i delete a topic

Hey @robaczkiwzlewie!

Whenever you upload a file or image to your Assets and you’re currently viewing a file when you do it temporarily replaces the code or text of that file. But you can get your code back or (a better way of putting it) re-viewing your code simply click another file and click back to the one you were viewing (as I’m assuming you already figured out). I’m not sure how this glitch happens, but thankfully it’s not an issue.


I never imagined myself saying “glitch” on Glitch unironically :joy:

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:joy: thank you for explaining it to me! Its alright now.

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