Lost shw.io link

I lost my shw.io link for my project: dync1h1 and I don’t see a way to find it back (for webpage www.dync1h1.cf)
Also when I registered the custom domain m.dync1h1.cf in my project m-dync1h1 it didn’t show up, but apparently it is registered, but I never got the link for it

I would like to request both these links since I’m already using the shw.io IP for an A record so it’d be easier to just get the link rather than remove the domain and re-add it, but if that’s the only way, that’s okay too!

Thanks in advance.

Hey there @SammyWhamy, I can provide that information to you. Can you email support@glitch.com referencing this issue from the email associated with your Glitch account so I can confirm you’re the owner of the app in question?

I sent an email to that, but got this automated reply, kind of contradictory since it first says ‘it didn’t work’ but then follows up by saying 'we will see your email*, screenshot provided below

If I need to send a new email, let me know.

ah, sorry about that. Let me message you privately instead.