Lost shw.io url

Hey There!
I lost my shw.io url and i’d like to have it reset on the following projects.

name: channelbot
url: channelbot.xyz

name: lime-neon
url: www.channelbot.xyz


Hey @Coding, instead of your shw.io domain you can use glitch.edgeapp.net - they are completely interchangeable, and in fact the shw.io domains will be going away sometime in the future (that is to say, they will still work, but won’t be generated by the system any more).

Can you try that and let us know how it goes?

@cori, can we chat on discord? It would be easier for me.

Also, I accedentally added it to both of the projects.
I want the www. one on the channelbot project.

So could you remove all of my custom domains on both channelbot and lime-neon?

Nevermind, Cori!

Happy Glitching!

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