Made On Glitch Footer

Hello,’s amazing users!

I came across a website the other day that had a footer showing what service it used for its hosting purposes. I thought I should have one on my website too because:

a) Glitch is amazing
b) It is selfless and humble

So, I used my terrible skills to come up with this:

Hope you guys like it and use it on your projects too.

P.S. I have no idea about how intellectual rights work so, please don’t sue me.


i would have to say i feel as if its a gray area. Because yeah you are enforcing there website. witch is no different then using the remix button dropdown thing. But then again. some companys. like github for example. State you are free to use any of there icons as long as its not edited and is linking back to there site material

That does look good, but you can also use the

  1. Glitch Button (
  2. The View Source and Remix This button (found by clicking ‘Share’ in the project, then ‘Share Buttons’ and you’ll get it all)

That looks cool! I like it!