Make a Tor Hidden Service

Project URL:!/tor-hidden-service

I made a project that exposes an Express app on tor. Just remix, click Show, and use the onion link provided. The default Express app has a middleware that blocks normal web users and gives them the .onion url.


I like the idea!

  • how did you make it?
  • what could i use it for?
  • is it even allowed?

i think this would be great for keeping users anonymous, like a VPN of some sort

Ah… I see your using notRoot to install an apt package.

I try open and copy the glitch its cant its say “well you’ve found a glitch”

The project is archived, Glitch blocks projects that connect to Tor now.


That’s actually pretty sad, although I understand Glitch’s decision it would actually be nice to have a website that also connects to the onion protocol

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