Make it slightly easier to commit to GitHub

Like a lot of devs, I basically don’t develop without having version control. Not having version control is scary!

I’ve figured out a good workflow with Gomix where I click “export to github” and write a commit message every 10 minutes or so – this makes me feel super confident. But it’s a little annoying to do this (I have to click my repo name -> advanced options -> export to github -> confirm repo -> write commit message every time).

It would be even more awesome if there were a 1-click way to export to a repo and write a commit message.


How would you feel about using a keyboard shortcut for this action? More keyboard shortcuts is something we wanted to add and it might be a better approach for a more experienced user like you


A keyboard shortcut sounds great!

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Bump for a better commit flow. The only thing I am bothered by in the current export to github flow (besides the fact that it says export and not commit, changing that one word would make whats happening clearer imo) is that it gives me a prepopulated commit message. “Updated with Gomix” does not help me in my version control flow, at least as someone who is currently working all in Gomix.

Choosing to start a new branch would be amazing as well. I know version control is not easy to get right, but these tweaks would please me while everything is still being developed within gomix.


hey jvns, I forgot to let you know that we’ve added that keyboard shortcut. Hit cmd+shift+e (or ctrl+shift+e on windows).


hey jonchurch, you can change the commit text from ‘updated with gomix’ to whatever you’d like during the export. We’re still working on getting the balance right on how we communicate git stuff. When we eventually add more advanced git-based features, we’ll re-evaluate everything.