Make music with your facial expressions

Project URL:

Make music with your facial expressions! Uses the clmtrackr library to get coordinates of your face and maps them to a chord. Also made a starter project using the clmtrackr library:


I was playing with this last week, it’s great! I’m getting a couple of errors today though:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'width' of undefined
    at jsfeat_face.init (clmtrackr.js:11537)
    at faceDetection.init (clmtrackr.js:11349)
    at tracker.start (clmtrackr.js:14581)
    at p5.p.windowResized (visualizer.js:79)
    at p5._onresize (p5.js:47856)

and if I click on ‘Lead Mode’

Exception while creating MediaRecorder: TypeError: Cannot read property 'elt' of undefined. mimeType: video/webm;codecs=vp9

Chrome on Mac OS.

Once fixed up though, we’ll be sure to feature it.

With regard to the clmtrackr-demo, if you can set a relevant readme then we’d be happy to add it to the building blocks category on!

ah, it was linked with http - https works:

Added a readme! Thank you!

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That was quick - thanks. Added!