Make my website always go active

How i can make my website be always active? it appears “to keep glitch fast for everyone bla bla bla” and i know how to do that with discord bots, but not with websites

You can subscribe to Glitch to receive 5 Boosted projects which will stay active 24/7 or you can use a service to ping your website every 5 minutes to keep your container active. With the latter method it will still be forcibly shutdown every 12 hours, and there is a limit of 20 projects to which you could do this.


If you want a guide for keeping the project active without upgrading to Glitch’s paid plan, I wrote a guide

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A bit off topic, but the service looks very interesting.

@RiversideRocks thank you! I wanted to create an email newsletter for my blog and for the “coming soon” page on a couple projects, but I couldn’t find anything nice looking, simple, and that would let me create multiple email lists under one account.

Let me know what you think!

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