Making a project private doesn't seem to change anything?


Hi I am new to Glitch and it seems great. I made my project private to see what happens but I can still visit it in an incognito window and see the latest changes. Is making it private doing something else I’m missing?


Per Twitter where I also responded to you, making a project private makes it so people can’t view its code in the editor. The published project at is still viewable.

When viewing a project in the editor as it’s author, you can confirm it’s set to private by the lock symbol ahead of its name in the top-left project info menu.


It seems that I can still view the code in an incgnito window even if the lock is checked. All I have to do is to type the edit url


That shouldn’t be the case - please DM me your project name and I’ll take a look.


This may be very dumb but I cannot find the way to DM you, sorry. How do I do it?


No problem - email me instead:


In testing, I couldn’t reproduce your issue. I’ve provided more info in my reply to your email. Thanks.