Making Privacy Policies for Children

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Making online resources and websites for kids is hard, especially since laws and guidance are in place to ensure they are safe online. These laws are there for good reasons and are great to keep our kids safe when surfing the web, but can be a real pain to developers, just trying to make helpful resources for kids. This project explains some key information about making online content and websites for kids and then allows you to generate a Privacy Policy for your site.

What makes it different to other policy generators?

This generator is different as the policy is in plain English and easy for children to understand as recommended by the ICO.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:
Give me any feedback (errors, bugs, things you want added, corrections, etc.) and I’ll do my best to update it


works nicely


cool! this is the first site i have seen that makes children privacy policies! i’m sure to use this on one of my projects soon! :smile:


This form isn’t very mobile friendly :joy:

keep getting a project not found error :frowning: when i try to generate a policy…


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