Making Projects Popular

It would be nice to make user projects more accessible and popularized. Currently the only way to find new projects is to use search, this brings the most relevant projects associated with your keyword by project name.

I think that bringing projects to light that could bring more life to the said project is something Glitch is really missing. Simple tools that could help users find more projects that may get them interested in using the site would be:


Being able to tag or associate your projects, teams, or group with a category would be a big step, for example if I make a game app I could label it to be displayed under a games category.


A simple star algorithm for user projects to sort projects that are well received from others so more used and stared projects show closer to the top of a search or category topic would also help projects gain traction.


I think using remix(s) for a tie breaker for projects that have equal stars would also be great, or even flipping this idea to remix(s) over stars would be better than a basic keyword search.

Overall I would like to see a better UX to find projects made by other users and not have to hope that my keyword list has something I can use or is actually relatable to what I am actually looking for.