MalwareBytes breaks all CDN links

A few people who reported issues with my glitch site were running Malware Bytes. It appears that the glitch cdn is marked as unsafe in that program and it blocks any resources from being loaded. Is there anything that can be done? The glitch CDN is very useful.


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This is true! I have malware Bytes and this happens to me

Here is what you have to do.
Uncheck the first toggle box and projects that have it blocked

Click on the extension to access these settings above^


You can globally disable the setting so you don’t keep having to disable it on each glitch website:


  • Click on the extension
  • Press on the settings icon near the top right corner of the app
  • scroll down and disable block trackers

Hi there - I’ve reached out to MalwareBytes and asked if they can remove our CDN from their block list. If they require an actual user to report it, though, I may follow up in here to let you know!


Back to let y’all know that MalwareBytes told me it would be removed from the next update - not sure when that is, though, but hopefully it will be soon.


Thanks! That is the best solution I could hope for

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Thanks! It’s working

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