Manage Collaborators


Hello Glitch,

Is there a way to manage collaborators? I’m asking because I’ve invited a DEV team (a dozen people) to view my project. Now I don’t know if this is the reason most often the code editor becomes painfully and annoying slow, but for the last few weeks it feels like it’s early 90’s again and I’m developing on my BBS 4800 bit/s modem.

So just in case it is all these users, I’d like to kick out the large majority from the project (only two or three should have access). How do I do this? And no, I can’t just “remix” the project and start afresh (to me that’s like a mechanic telling me I should change the motor because my spark plugs are dirty).




Hi @Jeach,

if your team is not actually viewing the project while you’re editing, the fact that you invited them shouldn’t slow you down.

You can kick them out by clicking on their avatar and then click “Remove from project”, but again, this should slow you down only if they’re connected while you are editing… and not that much by the way! Can you share your project name with us so we can investigate more?