Manual commits using glitch

Please provide an option to manually force a commit by glitch, I know we can do it on console using git, but I like my commit messages to be consistent, so it’d be nice if there’s an option to force glitch to commit.

@akashrajum7, try using the Export To GitHub option, found by clicking Tools then GitHub, Import, Export.

@khalby786, Export option will export it to glitch branch on GitHub. I’d like to push it to master branch.

Then you can merge the two branches, can’t you?

The whole point of wanting a button is for convenience :sweat_smile:


I have found this:, it has a script named manualUpdate, I think this will do for now.

But is the manual update button for GitHub? @torcado?

It’ll save, I can manually push to GitHub. I think.

The link to the thread for the torcAddons.

no, the manualUpdate script/button is not for uploading to GitHub, it simply allows your glitch application to restart from a button rather than from editing the contents of any file.

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@torcado Will the restart trigger a glitch commit?

the restart is idential to the default restart when you edit any file. all it does is close and reopen the server so your webpage, if there is one, updates with your changes.
this doesnt trigger a glitch commit, unless you somehow set it up to do so.

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Oh, thank you for the response, this doesn’t solve my problem then.

@akashrajum7, this method is a bit longer but you can have a custom commit message and export it to the master branch. But for now, there is no UI for direct export to master branch:

What happens is that all the files are exported to the Glitch branch and then a pull request is made to merge those two branches. You can safely delete the Glitch branch after merging.

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@khalby786, My concern is not direct export, I’m fine with manual export, but I want a way to force glitch to commit so I don’t have to wait 10mins for glitch to commit. I don’t want to git commit manually because the commit messages glitch uses has some emojis and i want those messages to be consistent and I don’t want manual messages in between. Hope that makes sense.

That’s just the default message, you can change it!

@khalby786, Is there a way to manually commit using the default commit message?

Hmm…I don’t know…Maybe other users might be able to help you!

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I’m going to bump this because I feel like this is an underrated idea. Changing the default glitch commit message would be quite nice (as I’ll be honest the random emojis can look quite goofy).

Why isn’t this a feature idea?