"manual" vs "auto" run mode for glitch app

TLDR: why not create a “one-time” mode for applications, that launches the process one time then do not restart it (if success)? and if it comes with a 3rd option “idle” it’s even better!

edit (more thoughts)

  • auto VS manual mode explained here
  • I am also annoyed that apps build (npm install in this case) every time they wake up. This is maybe fit for another feature request, but it would be nice to build only on edits and just launch process (npm start) when waking up, this would be really faster and less ressources-hungry

I stumbled upon a case where I want to turn off my application sometimes.
It’s a discord bot, and if I want to run it locally to test my brand new code, I must disable the online version.

I realize archiving the app is not so much a big deal. But it is a little impressive to use the same button that’s meant for “deleting”.

As explained in this question i posted previously,
If I turn off the connection of my discord bot, the application stops running immediately, exits and then glitch restarts it over and over.
If I exit the process, whether with status 1 or 0, glitch restarts anyway.

The idea of glitch continuously restarting is hurting my feelings, even though it will stop 5 minutes later, this seems to me as 5 minutes of suffering for the server :cry: :robot: and the idea of creating an empty express app to keep the app running while idle is no more satisfying.

So here comes my suggestion :

why not a restart toggle somewhere, either in the dashboard, or in the editor ?
This would be a way to tell glitch that if the process has exited, it does not need to restart, some kind of one-time launch mode that would allow to turn the app idle from the program itself ?


maybe this mode could still restarts when an Error occurred, and do not restart if process exited cleanly?

Yes, it can be pretty cool.

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Thinking about it, maybe a better option would be simply 2 modes :

  • manual where the app is sleeping, and you need to launch it yourself with either a button or a command in the terminal

  • auto which is what we have for now

…just thinking