Massive CPU rise

After coding on glitch for a while I have noticed something.

Using //anything kills CPU.

Is there anything reason for this. I would type //variables to label my variables for example and the CPU goes from 10% to 98%. Is this a glitch or some sort of feature.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’ll ping @support_staff!

Hi Miscool!

This sounds like a bug, but I can’t replicate it by remixing ~hello-express and typing //anything into it. Can you point me to a project that exhibits this effect, so I can investigate it?


A quick refresh seems to fix the issue. But it’s still buggy.

After using the // in the script the CPU jumps from 0%
to some random number (up to 98 which is why I made this thread)

Refreshing it takes it back to 0% or to something normal.

Seems to be a visual glitch.