Mastododon complete ajax auth suite


Project URL:

Complete with resend confirm, resert pw, register, normal and 2fa logins, remembering data and a noice ui. Was more work than expected lel.

(Should be used with personal instances, it will poll the api of your network with the data / open a headless browser for the auth posting)

may not work with every mastodon instance, like

Is only as a demonstration of the API / a possible way to check auths.

And is thought to be used with private, disconnected instances, eg hosted by [](]%28mastohost%29/).

You should use oAuth2 if you can instead of this rubbish.

This project told me a bit about headless browsers, javascript localstorage, bootstrap 4, Interfaces, jQuery (+ajax), websockets, nodejs and - (the limits of) the Mastodon API.