Max number of people collaborating at the same time?


Very excited about glitch! I’m planning to use glitch as a teaching tool. I’m very interested in the real-time collaborative side of it. I’m curious about the capacity for multiple users accessing the same project at the same time? Would it work with more than 15 people? What’s the recommended setup?


We’ve had a number of large groups using Glitch simultaneously, in particular, for things like Slack’s online coding webinars, and in-person workshops at conferences.

It should work well for you too. There are a couple of things worth highlighting.

As a project creator it’s worth knowing about watch.json files, which can be used to change the restart and install behaviors:

For end users, either editing or viewing, toggling off the auto-refresh can be handy ( When you have a large number of users editing simultaneously the live preview ends up constantly refreshing and flashing, which isn’t as useful as it is when editing on your own or in a smaller group.

Having students remix a project can be a good way to work. You can remix a project using a URL ( so you don’t have to have students go into a project just to click remix.

If you just want to demo and walk-through some code, you can just give students the project URL and they can view your code and see your cursor without having the ability to edit the code themselves. Otherwise it can be distracting if students with edit access are highlighting blocks of code while you’re demoing stuff for example.


Hi, I’m just letting you know that your no-autorestart is broken, rebuild has been added to all files and the bookmarklet does not work anymore. (it’s easy to just edit the file but you may want to fix that)


Hi @Gareth,

Didn’t know about the watch.json, it can definitely be useful for some applications I have on my mind.

In terms of the real-time collaboration, I understand the risks of having multiple people editing at the same time. In my specific case, the real time editing is going to be organized, while I demo and present some concepts, all students would have an opportunity to do some of the editing while others are watching.

Afterwards, they can work together in groups of two or three on a forked/remixed version.

Another question, I haven’t tested it, how does the console/terminal behaves with multiple users with edit permission? Do they all share the same bash instance ?

Thanks for the insights.


The console isn’t collaborative. Multiple people can open the console and run commands, but each has their own console prompt - you don’t see others typing commands. They each have a shared command history though.