Maybe remove the name "advertisement" from the glitch list

uBlock started blocking the project.
the page
the assets.

the name was
(because of “-advertisement”) in the name.

also thx for making analytics.min.js optional.
and also thx for notifying the user about it /s

Here’s how you can change the project name:

What is it that you’d like to be notified about?

yeah, what do you currently track with it? i’ve seen a property called action in one of the sent properties… and this post was mainly because apps generated with the name “advertisement” in it might break on a lot of devices. and some people maybe don’t change the name and other people will then get worried about ublock etc blockng / ressources from the app


What data we record is covered in our privacy policy:

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll share it with the team.

We have a curated words list for project names that we keep at If you’re feeling motivated, you’re welcome to submit a PR to update it!

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