[Mega-thread] ScriptingtoSaveLives.com: We need your help!

ZEIT changed? :open_mouth: this is suprising

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New forum!


i added a introduce yourself topic just for fun cause i was bored :joy:


@khalby786 I only did black on orange because @RiversideRocks’ dog is kinda orange-ish and he’s our founder so I picked that for no reason at all. If you’d like a different colour scheme, that’s fine.


We now have an app! (That was the secret!) Check it out and download at github.com/scriptingtosavelives/windowsapp

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Fine screenshots

From @TheBigC

Note: We will post updates here from time to time :slight_smile:

@RiversideRocks Yes we will. Be sure to follow our blog to stay up to date! s2slblog.blogspot.com

And forum!

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Post made! https://s2slblog.blogspot.com/2020/05/new-windows-app.html

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Due to the lack of traction, the project has been put on hold indefinitely

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Thank you to all of those who helped out, it was a lot of fun. This is what was said on out forum:


Unfortunately, ScriptingToSaveLives has gained very little traction. We have only raised $20 dollars and our website gets very little views. Right now, there are also only two people helping the cause. That is nowhere near what we need. Because of this, I am putting the project on hold. scriptingtosavelives.com and www.scriptingtosavelives.com will be forwarded to this post. The project will be put on hold indefinitely.

Thank you,
Riverside Rocks

@RiversideRocks the project is closed?

Yes, I think so. Very sorry.

Shall I close down (delete) the forum

We will see. I am going to work on getting more funding for ads and such, but nothing is for certain.

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Hi all!

I have been asked to close this topic - so I am going ahead and doing that.

Happy Glitching!