[Mega-thread] Why Glitch is not an option for me at the moment

Hello, so I’ve been a Glitch user for over a year, and it has been great, it was working. Until… This recent block of ping services.

I am hosting a Discord bot, Fact Of The Day, on Glitch, that requires 24/7 uptime. The uptime was secured using http and uptimerobot.

If I can’t use that to keep it up 24/7, Glitch won’t be an option to me anymore. Not for my current projects, nor future projects.

I am already getting complaints on downtime, and if this continues, I have no choice but to look for a different hosting service.

“Why don’t you spend some money to keep them alive 24/7?”
The paid subscriptions on Glitch are way too overpriced. Especially when you have services like Contabo. The storage and ram isn’t close to being worth it for the price. You can get a VPS for 4 Euros, with 750x more storage and 2x more ram. Including it being a machine specified for you.

If I had a choice between:
10$ a month for a shared server 24/7 uptime, 400 mb storage, and 2 GB ram.
4 Euros a month for a VPS with 24/7 uptime, 300 GB storage, 4 GB ram, 2 cores, and full root access.
I would pick the VPS anytime.

If the free option wont allow me to get the 24/7 uptime that I need, I am not going to choose spending 10$ a month for things that aren’t even worth 1$ when compared to the 4 Euros option.

I am not going to just watch my projects slowly declining in popularity because the host took away my way of getting 24/7 uptime.
I have to look for a different option, a better option, a option that will allow my projects to keep growing the way they do.

It has been a good time, but if my projects can’t stay up 24/7 without paying 10$ a month, the time has sadly come to an end.


Essentially, since ping services are blocked, my projects wont stay online 24/7. So until that is lifted, Glitch is not an option to me.


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@Aprixia where are you getting a vps with 300gb of storage 4gb of ram for 4 euros? (thats like insanely cheap)

Most likely at contabo.com:


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dang thats nice, might just buy one myself lol

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Anyway, if you’re planning to get a VPS there, I recommend getting the 5 EUR one.

thats what i was thinking too

I myself are running (the below) with Contabo. If I’d buy that from anywhere else I’d be living on the street after a few months, but Contabo is really cheap compared to others.

  • Dedicated Server 20-Core
    • 2 x Intel Xeon E5 2630v4
    • 2 x (10 x 2.20 GHz)
    • 256 GB REG ECC
    • 6 TB SSD
    • 8 cores
    • 30 GB RAM
    • 800 GB SSD
    • 600 mbps internet connection
    • 200 gbps upstream
    • 6 cores
    • 16 GB RAM
    • 400 GB SSD
    • 400 mbps internet connection
    • 200 gbps upstream

I completely agree with you, I have just started using Glitch and the main reason to was to get he 24/7 uptime with uptimerobot, its annoying that they have blocked it.

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@JaffaCakes118 please note that the blocking of ping services is TEMPORARY.


Whether it’s temporary or not is unimportant to me. Because this happened in the first place, my project lost popularity. That is why I am switching service, to avoid this problem in the first place.

Glitch is excellent from prototyping bots and websites and all but it’s not the ideal to place to host something for production. Glitch was meant be more for small apps. Defintley get a VPS from somewhere link the VPS provider ihack mentiond.

I can also recommend evennode.com as a managed deno/node host, they have automatic ssl certs, you can run multiple apps on one page and they have a 30 day free trial for each time you create a plan. i have been a customer for a very long time now and think of it as the perfect host for larger glitch projects that are not meant to be prototypes. recently i created a zero-deployment script with my https://github.com/blubbll/deno-page project and they also got deno runtimes. before that i created an glitch button which would instantly upload the glitch project via ftp, but especially with deno, these times are over now. i would give them a try, especially since they have a free plan to try and delete and/or recreate if you don’t like it. the lowest price starts at 5$/mo

I decided to swap to repl.it for now, since with GitHub Education, you get the hacker plan, with infinite storage, for free.

Nice, the one regret I have with repl is the lack of control. Once it kept trying to install a package I cancelled installation for. The cpu speed is slow but the storage is big enough so I can install ai libraries so I typically put my ai projects there.

Yeah, I feel like im gonn have to move away from glitch. BUT GUYS, I FOUND A TEMP SOLUTION! Library of Code have cloud services where you can have a bit of space on a ubuntu vm. :slight_smile:

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I have an alternative to contabo, I’m currently using Netlify though for my projects and it works fine (see kidz.netlify.app)

The only issue with Netlify is it would not work for 95% of people on Glitch. (Netlify only supports static sites)


Static only site, you mean you can only do front-end ? Is there JS/HTML DOM for front-end at least ?