[Megathread Closed] For Custom Domain Removals please send a message to support@glitch.com

Hello I would also deleted a domain from a glitch project:
Name: websiteo
Domain: odium.cf


Hey, I would like to get one of my domains deleted.
Domain: apply.cogratech.com

Thank you

same here www.turbobiscuit.net
project name: www-turbobiscuit-net (i deleted it thinking it would work so idk if this makes i harder)

Hi @TurboBiscuit

Thanks for letting us know!

We cannot remove a custom domain from a deleted project. In order for us to remove the custom domain from this project, you will need to:

  1. Go into your Deleted Projects and temporarily un-delete ‘www-turbobiscuit-net’.
  2. Let us know once this has been done.

Then we will remove your custom domain from that project.

I have undeleted the project.

Thanks for the update @TurboBiscuit !

We have removed that custom domain from your project. You can delete the project again now if you like.

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my project is “artistic-duke”
domain is “www.yee87.tk”
can you help me remove this?

HI @Gary50613,

Can you please un-delete the project so we can remove the custom domain? Let me know when this has been done.

my project is “trlisgggthjjjjjgghhhhbbb"
domain is "https://discordtrlist.xyz”,“https://www.discordtrlist.xyz
can you help me remove this?

hi @samet - i just deleted those two domains for you!

My project name is “atlius”
Domains are: www.atlius.gq, www.atlius.ga, www.atlius.ml, www.atlius.tk
Can you remove these for me? Thanks!

Can you please remove a domain from a project?
Project: glapi
Domain: glapi.ml


We have removed www.atlius.gq from your project.

The project that the other three domains are linked to has been soft-deleted. In order for us to remove the domains from the project, please un-delete it and then let us know.

Hi @jarvis394,

We have removed that domain from your project. If you have any questions, let us know!

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Hi @tasha, please remove all custom domains from my project: road-jade

Is it possible to change the project that a custom domain has been added to?
domain is raisethestandard.us
the project it is currently connected to is record-mouse-movement, and it like to change the domain to be added to project raisethestandard

Hi @plasticplants

Yes it’s possible! Here is some information about adding a custom domain to your project:

Let us know if you have any questions.

@m4m-simon we have removed that custom domain from your project. Happy Glitching!

Would you please remove the domain raisethestandard.us from the project “record-mouse-movement” so that I can add the domain to a different project? Thanks a ton!

@plasticplants done! That domain has been removed from your project.

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My domain contains identifying information, how can I privately send a removal request?