[Megathread] Custom Domain Removals

A google form or some other automated thing would be really nice, this must be tedious for you guys.

hi @zbot473 - for private requests, you can email support@glitch.com!

@cori hey! can you please remve this domain name Ar9am.ml from a project please

Hi @mohrrk

That custom domain is not showing up in our system. Are you unable to add that domain to a project?

Can you please remove a domain from a project?
Project: ck-redirect, ck-replays
Domain: http://s.ck1t.ru, http://replays.osuck.net

When we can delete and add by myself, and not ask you every time?

@tasha yes i am !!

Thanks for letting us know @mohrrk,

It looks like my search was case sensitive. Sorry about that! I was able to find ar9am.ml and remove it from our system. You should be able to use that domain now. It it still doesn’t work, just give us a shout.

Hi @aburachenko2000

We have deleted those domains from your projects. Giving users the ability within Glitch to remove custom domains from their project by themselves is something that we are looking at.

If this becomes available, we will make an announcement.

In the meantime, if this is something that you think is very important, you can also post it as a feature request here. That way other users can vote on it.

@tasha thanks man! i really I appreciate that .
I had one little problem with that domain if you can help me ( this time i made a mistake… Sorry.).
So i tried to add it using fly.io and everythink work fine until i stopped on the final stage when you have to copy the shw.io link to setup DNS record.
At this moment i was involved with a problem with my domain provider and i let the window open so when i came back the page just flashed and kind of auto refreshing and asked me to add new site so could you help please removing it again please .
thanks !
he’s a screenshot of what i’m talking about .

hey @mohrrk - i don’t see that domain in our records anymore, can you try again and see if you have the same alert, sometimes dns changes take longer than any of us would like and perhaps it’s available to use again. if you do see the error, though, i’d email support@fly.io to ask them where the hostname is right now.