[MEGATHREAD] GlitchyPastePen - Create simple front-end projects using an online code editor with instant hosting

Here’s the plan: we continue saving files to the same container (until a really good idea comes up) but this time, a user has limits on the number of projects they can create. And @Assfugil is banned.


This might actually happen.


@khalby786 I may or may not have come up with some plans on how to allow ya to run things like c++, c, java, nodejs, and such, all within the project…

also, check ur messages on here


can I be invited to the message?

You need ten plus people working on the project in order to get free hosting from discourse

You’d need hours of work, to come up with that successfully. I’d love to see it!

It is doable. If you can run strings over the terminal, you should be able to do it as those languages are install.

You might want to sanitise user input (watch for &&) or prevent bash/terminal injections.

you might want to allow more than one html file for multipage experiences and add a file browser tree somewhere.

I’m adding support for lua on my end…

Of course, you may know what I’m talking about!..

gotta download em’ all

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Something similar to this?

You guys haven’t seen the new and updated editor, have you? :crazy_face:

Iḿ assuming your going to add an “Add File” button?

and yes I saw the new editor before you posted.

may I have explanation for the devtools from the demo page, they don’t work

I thought, in glitchy paste pen, since your github hub photo is a bagel that is frosted with high levels of sugar, that you’d add frosted bagel images :bagel:

You asked for it, I’m gonna give you an essay. Soon.

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An essay on DevTools?

Lol, I know what devtools are and do.

You asked for why the DevTools of the demo page doesn’t work, not what DevTools is. And I know that you know what DevTools is.

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Oh, what if I didn’t know at this moment

(that would be hilarious)


bagel is my favorite md emoji now

FYI, that’s a donut.

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Then, your question would have been different at the first place. Plus, you can always ask your preferred search engine for help.

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no I like calling them frosted deep fried pastries with high levels of sugar and HOLES lol

And I have been on google forum bc I don’t understand a dang thing of google (possibly not even the search engine)

@khalby786 loves em’ deep fried pastries

(I also don’t know bing, duckduckgo, and pretty much every search engine)

I DO know one command, and that’s the plagiarism checker with quotes so you can check if anyone’s stealing your blog titles

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Facepalm :man_facepalming:t2: x100

The “DevTools” in the GlitchyPastePen editor is actually an iframe of a remote debugging tool with the Chrome DevTools called Chii, which was set up on another Glitch project. For it to work, you need to add a script tag to your project:

<script src="http://gpp-debug.glitch.me/target.js"></script>

And then when you click on the DevTools button and the iframe pops up, after the Waking Up screen, you should see your project’s URL listed there. Once you click on your project’s URL, you’ll get Chrome DevTools debugging tools for that website.

And this Chii :yin_yang: tool has browser compatibility issues, although it’s a bit troublesome.


Hence proved.

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Chili is used by very little people. It’s very good, but I’d make it a little bit easier to understand.

(immediately takes notes of the inspect tool like samsung)

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