[MEGATHREAD] GlitchyPastePen - Create simple front-end projects using an online code editor with instant hosting

It’s Chii :yin_yang: (ever watched Kung Fu Panda 3?), not Chili :hot_pepper:

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Lol no (and i’m totally sorry for breaking the rules of your favorite package (now) Chii :yin_yang:)

Do you think you could add ark to your app to make it load a bit faster or something like that? (and also earn money, but I’m not sure if you can)

no the one I forgot to say that it’s hard to find the link to the glitchypastepen project on the first post of the thread

Also it would be quite nice to have html templates I actually hate writing html from scratch. Another nice thing would be something like vscode snippets where you can reuse stuff.
I’m also by habit a person who spams control+s a lot so can you possibly make that not download the page but instead save and deploy


I’m noting all your suggestions. :smile:


Sad news: Discourse rejected my plea for a forum, I’ve asked NodeBB for one now. Or else, I’ll just create a Discord server :man_shrugging:

Also I think your content type header is being sent wrong

text/html :grimacing: it should have been text/css


why don’t you create your own Discourse forum

other than getting 10+ people in a group on a single glitch project

He mentioned earlier that Discourse declined his request.:frowning:


Create your own Discourse

He probably meant to ask me to create my own version of Discourse, more like a forum

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No. He means selfhost Discourse


Ya that’s what I mean

So, are you making the forum to continue the competition against learn code?


Not exactly, I’m creating a forum because I am not (nor is anyone else) supposed to post updates, statuses, announcements, etc. in #the-gallery. I thought that Tasha made that very very clear.

It does not mean that I am not competing against Learn Code :crazy_face:


I need another look at that thing.

Hi there,

I have set up a server and a forum for GlitchPastePen!

Discord Server Invite: https://discord.gg/EzpVwR3
Forum: https://glitchypastepen.flarum.cloud

All further discussions will be continued in one of the above two places.

@tasha you can now happily close lick this thread, thank you so much for your patience!


@khalby786 you really need to work on making this a bit more mobile friendly. At least the home page as a start


Lmao mobile issues.
I might use this for my repo https://github.com/CarlyRaeJepsenStan/vanillanimate… can you import from github?
Also please make it able to run inline css and js…
Edit. There are moments I love my Github profile picture.

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:sweat_smile: There’s a lot of stuff, might be a bit hard to make the editor responsive; nevertheless, I’ll give it a try.

You said something about the homepage?

Kindly open a thread at https://glitchypastepen.flarum.cloud!

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