[MEGATHREAD] Project Uptime For Glitch Projects!

Can we use like one web server per container for static sites so static sites don’t have to show the loading screen?


Yes. I noticed it was using the loading screen. Surely that shouldn’t happen. Boosted apps don’t show the loading screen and they are on the same server. Are they really 247/. Has this been implemented @glitch_support

Well, a web app with a package.json is not necessarily dynamic. Someone maybe listing dependencies there and use it in their React apps.

I do not have a boosted app but testing with a general static site. This is working as intended for me.

Looks like it’s working now. Will do some more testing soon :slight_smile:

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Hi! We actually, very recently, removed that 2-thanks requirement.


Hi @R4356th, we very recently deprecated the hand-raise feature. You can still invite other users to join and collaborate. If they are editing, the project is awake and how long the project is awake counts towards the project owner’s Project Hours.


If projects need building and the build process is in the same app, that would be considered a project that does count towards your Project Hours, not a static site.

Do you guys plan on integrating discourse likes with Glitch?

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Because package.json includes build scripts, the platform considers it a trigger for the site being full stack. If you have an example of a static site that requires a package.json file to run, though, can you share it with me so I can share with the other engineers here?


To be honest, that’s probably not something we’d end up doing, but I definitely have been thinking about how to integrate this forum more with the rest of the Glitch experience. For example, I remember hearing great feedback awhile ago (I think it was from @wh0) about community segmentation and how we don’t really curate Forum user apps on the homepage. While we haven’t been curating apps over the past couple of months because of our focus on platform stability, I have been collecting and trying all the open source apps y’all have been sharing in the gallery (like https://glitch.com/@community-engineering/as-seen-on-the-support-forum-july-2020).


Ok nice!!! (20charslol)

@jenn removed for everyone or just boosted members?

removed for all users!


Awesome! Saves a lot of work on the forum for people asking how to add custom domains :slight_smile:


We super appreciate what a great job y’all in here are doing with helping users with custom domains! We know the deletion requests are a pain and we are exploring ways to make it a better experience.


A long time ago, I saw someone who made a suggestion to make a bot that tells people who have words like domain, domains, remove, removal in their topic to send an email to support. I tried it myself but found myself needing an API token. However, @ihack2712 has now found his own method to make posts via email! It’s called @automator
Have a look:


Why is this whole policy necessary?

To ensure stability and performance for the Glitch platform :slight_smile:

Ratelimiting could’ve been used instead