[MEGATHREAD] Project Uptime For Glitch Projects!

Yes, I sometimes use Git to push my work to GitHub.

Haha, finally someone read the Terms of Service. :joy:

I was sending around 1k HTTP requests per second with a lot of data to

Hopefully Jenn will check her email inbox today and will forward the vulnerability to the right team! Hope this vulnerability will get fixed ASAP!


Jenn has now forwarded my PDF to the platform engineering team, I’ve asked to stay in the loop and I’ll inform you if I receive any new updates!

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Hi i have suggestion: Project hours should be not used for public projects. On github action minutes are free for public projects
Please add this feature.
Or add Thanks for helping rewards.
For example for every 5 thanks for helping Glitch should add + 500 free project hours :pray:

The Thanks feature has been deprecated. :slightly_smiling_face:


its so sad. But i think that project hours should be not used for public projects. Or allow pinging for public projects

That won’t really work out because then everyone will make their projects public and project hours won’t count towards your account. That eliminates the necessity of Project Hours.


or increase project hours to 2000

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See, even if a person edits a project for 24 hours on a project for 30 days, only 720 project hours are used and 280 hours are remaining, and on the next day (next month) your project hours are replenished, and you have sufficient project hours to do everything. Again, increasing project hours will eliminate the need for project hours.

But a lot of people want their code to be closed source.


So this means that start using heroku it is 7/24 but you can host only one project on one account buuuuut it is totally free (almost cuz you need to link a card for additional project hours) And ping is sooo static :star_struck::wink:

Yes I think that glitch should add that project hours are unlimited for public projects. But just for max 3 or 5 public projects. Lot of people want to have their code private.


Now that’s a good idea!


Now that I want to see!


Hey, i see a lot people using Google Appscript to keep the project always online, is the team didn’t know this? @glitch_support

@undefined can you explain how using Google Appscript works?

it’s a v8 powered ide that basically has access to the internet and the google universe
I once made a script that encrypt a users google doc with vigenere as a joke

Like sending emails using client side JavaScript.