[Megathread] Statify - Your free way to let your users know what's up

Project URL: statify.glitch.me

Recently the only status page option available is statuspage.io and yes, it’s good. But it’s not designed for us tinkerers so I decided it was time to give up with the limitations of the free plan of statuspage.io and make my own tool for Glitch users to make their own status pages. It has a MongoDB connection to save user accounts and the status pages and that all works. I just need you to actually be able to have a status page and edit it and such and then it should be ready for release.
For now, it’ll just be for Glitch projects, as this is really just me trying to help out the community, not make a full-blown system, but if you want to use it for something else, just let me know.
Be ready for the release (probably in a long time :joy:)



If you want to be an alpha tester, let me know, and I might give you the link

Another approach to this would be to let the user remix your project and use it as the user’s own project, instead of user accounts and databases. You could send a request to the webpage and get the response time and the response status code based from the response.

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Can I please be a aplha tester @EddiesTech

can i be a tester pls

is the url http://statuspage.glitch.me/

@EddiesTech can I help

It’s not! I’ll soon give the URL to people who have asked to become testers, so feel to ask to be one.

I asked you @EddiesTech

Don’t worry. I’m just gathering up some resources to let people know what’s going on with it and then I’ll send it out :slight_smile: Also listening to my prime minister right now!

@EddiesTech Check your DM

I would love to be a tester!

Ok, can I become a tester? I think the whole statuspage.io alternative is a cool idea!

Hi there everyone! I have messaged everyone who asked to be a tester, but it looks like some of them haven’t got to you. If they haven’t, let me know and I’ll try again.


@EddiesTech I’d like to be a tester please.

Glitch seems to be having issues. Check status.glitch.me. We’ve changed the name to the better ‘Statify’ :slight_smile:

I now have done some code that pings every URL in an array of URLs every minute so hopefully I can connect it up to the database and than have it ping the projects added! This would also work as an alternative to Awake! or UptimeRobot! :slight_smile:

Just applied for mod. The project seems very useful. Hopefully I will be able to upgrade my current status page.

Probably @RiversideRocks

And just wondering, do you plan on setting up APIs do go with user status pages?