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I received the news about “booster” plans that will finally let us have more than “toys” and use glitch in production!! SO happy.

However this lead me to have some concerns regarding the underlying infrastructure that Glitch sits on. I searched this forum, and I saw that Glitch’s primary infrastructure provider is AWS. I happen to be a certified AWS specialist and this “Booster” plans just get me confused a bit.

The promise is that by paying $10/month we can have bots hosted on Glitch without any rate limits. If that is, I suppose that Glitch relies on EC2 services and will maybe put our apps on some shared instances (AWS Lambdas are rate limited). Fine for me, and I think it’s cool to have code served instantly without DevOps overhead.

However, this is where I am clearly confused: AWS is very very very expensive in terms of bandwidth. Like crazy expensive. To be exact, each GB going OUT of AWS cost $0.09.

Here is a simple math I did: after 100GB of bandwidth out of my Glitch app, what happens to my “booster” bill? Can I serve unlimited bandwidth with Glitch and Glitch will pay the bandwidth difference for me?? HOW does this work?

I know boosted apps have only 400MB storage, but believe me that there are ways to serve 1TB of data with 0 storage… Did I miss some asterisk disclosing some bandwidth limits?


I would assume that when Glitch grants unlimited rate limits, they expect people to be responsible as with any hosting provider who grants unlimited bandwidth. I’ve never checked but that may be in the fine print somewhere. If it isn’t, they should add it!

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This is something for @glitch_support!

This ^^^

You can think of Boosted Apps as having unlimited rate limits in the context of our Terms of Service which prohibits various project actions that would overload our system.