Memory in the project


106%, 543/512MB
Large or inefficient processes, libraries or compilers that use too much RAM may get killed"
project name: naknak-bot
i get this memory all the time
and the error “The app exceeded the memory limit. Stopping and pausing for 15 seconds.”

Hey @nivlol this is a hard problem to track down, and it’s possible that your bot is on more guilds that a Glitch project can easily support, or that some feature of your bot is consuming too much memory. My only suggestion would be to limit the number of guilds your bot can join and/or to disable features one by one to find any that are consuming a lot of memory, but I know some other folks have also run into this and they may have better guidance.

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אני לא רוצה להגביל את כמות השרתים, ואני לא רוצה לעשות משהו שיפגע בבוט עצמו
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אולי תוכלו לעשות שיהיה אפשרי להגדיל את כמות הזיכרון בצורה כלשהי?
בוט = bot

You could try to use something like htop to track the possible cause and if its node as cori mentioned could be too many guilds.