Memory increase

Hi! Thanks for this service, it’s awesome.

I’m running a twitter bot, and I’m using puppeteer (which uses chrominium) to perform some actions.
It works fine, but some pages take a lot to load and I believe it’s a memory issue (we all know chrome loves to gobble up RAM, lol).

Is there a way to increase memory usage?


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Hi Brian - sadly, not at the moment. We intend to have that capability down the line but it’s not available quite yet. Perhaps there are some optimizations you can make to Chromium to reduce it’s memory usage which will get you around the issue.


Also using puppeteer and with the new stats monitor I can definitely see memory usage rise and then get a chrome disconnected error followed by a memory drop.

+1 for having a way to configure more memory (first time it has really been an issue for me on glitch)