Memory limits for large JSON objects?

Hey all,

I wrote a PHP script on my own server that, in part:

  • pulls down a web page from another domain
  • finds a json object declared on the page
  • plucks out the json and loads it into a variable
  • extracts two tiny fields deeply nested in the variable
  • saves those variables in a database

I decided that since I was writing this for somebody else to use (and hopefully maintain) it would be a good idea to learn more about glitch and try recreating it here. So I started a project to do that, but am hung up on the part where I try to load a relatively string of JSON into an object - it seems like a memory constraint or something? The string is about 460KB, and I’m guessing that something that big shouldn’t be running on a shared service like this.

(I also tried using string handling functions to do the same thing, but ran into the same kind of problem.)

I didn’t get an actual error, the variable just doesn’t contain as much as data it ought to.

Is this a known issue - a fact of life? Or is there a work-around?

Thanks in advance - Glitch is pretty fun!


Depending on what the code does, it could be okay.

What is the code that you have an issue with? And which language/version/packages are you using on Glitch?

Its best practice to get permission from the website before scraping it. :slight_smile: