Merge Glitch Projects (accept pull requests)

Including code from others is not easy at the moment, unless they are a contributor which isn’t always doable. I would love to see Glitch add a feature like github’s pull requests.

Say you wanted to contribute to a friend’s project. You could:

  • Remix the project
  • Add your code
  • Click a button labeled “Pull Request”
  • Your friend would get a notification in their project that someone wanted to contribute, they could choose to accept or decline

We have remixing as you know.

Yes, but there isn’t a way to combine the remixed code with the original project.

git pull


Yes, but from where?

The glitch’s git repo

That’d actually work, considering the fact that every Glitch project is also a Git repository!

You could add an remote to the other Glitch project (using the Git URL of that project) and then pull from the repo and solve the conflicts that occur (if any).

Sure, it would work, but you would have to give everyone write access to your project which would be a massive security issue.

Please elaborate! Because I did manage to pull and push to Glitch’s Git repo although it did not ask me for Glitch-related credentials.

That’s a cool idea, voted!

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You cant’ push to any repo you want unless you have write access, no?


Although :point_up:

I guess I’m just trying to say that I can’t push code to your repo if I wanted. (unless you give me write which may not be a good idea.)

Ah, now I understand what you mean.


Obtaining access to the git repo requires information using glitch apis iirc

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Something like

Require some sort of token to authenticate iirc
Glitch does not store passwords (or does it…)
F I didn’t paste screenshot here
Public Projects work though

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