Message is not defined

Well, never thought I would be the one asking a discord bot question!

I am currently working on a bot when I got this error:


ReferenceError: message is not defined

I searched it up and everyone seems to have a different answer.

Here is a snippet of my code:

var rep = "!report";

  if(msg.content.includes(rep) !== false){
        console.log("Report detected, phase one.");                                                                         var id = msg.content.substr(7);
     console.log("Passed async");
          msg.reply("We are sorry, but you do not have the permisions to do this.")

There is a msg in msg.content.includes(rep) on lines 3 and 8 but there is also a message in lines 5 and 6.


Yeah, I think you should replace the messages with msg.

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If you did it in glitch take a shortcut by hitting Ctrl + Alt + F then typing in message and then type in msg to replace all of the words that match it in the file.

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Let’s be honest, we have all done this at least once.

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Well, you are right. We need to give ourselves a break, though.

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