Message.js / db.has Error pls help me


what should I do this way of error


if(db.has(${}.mLog) === true) return message.guild.channels.get(db.fetch(${}.mLog)).send(embed);

error in this code


Hey @egolugur I’m guessing you might be using quick.db? We’ve noticed a number of deprecated functions in a recent release of that package, so if that package has been recently updated in your project it might have broken a number of functions.

It doesn’t look to me on a quick review that db.has is deprecated, but you might try doing what I talk about in Discord bot with quick.db, db.startsWith is not a function to see what your installed version of quick.db supports to see if there’s a problem there. You also might check what ${}.mLog returns at that point in your code - perhaps quick.db is looking for a version of that method (a parameter-based overload, perhaps) that doesn’t exist.