Messes up browser history


This is from just a couple minutes or something.

Really screws up entire history.


Yes, it does seem to mess up the browser history. It’s because every time you change a line or add a new letter it changes the path so that if you refresh the page, it won’t start from say your readme file or something. It continues from where you ended last. However, I suggest that this should be made a setting or an option.


Or just not pushed to history constantly.

Why not just check for onbeforeunload and then set the url to refresh to?


There’s also history.replaceState, which changes the URL without adding a new entry to the back button history. (I don’t know if it affects browser history)


In your user options (click your avater on the top-right of the editor) you can uncheck “refresh app on changes” to stop this from happening.


I have a custom watch.json.

Will hitting that option mess with anything?


this setting keeps the browser window from refreshing - the app will keep deploying though, based on the configuration of your watch.json.


It looks like the history entries are from the!/projectname page, not the page. How would disabling refreshing the app on changes stop the editor’s URL from changing?


I think you’re right about that - we probably need to use replaceState when updating the URL.


We just released an update that addresses this issue, let us know if it’s working out better for you, thanks!