MHIRA App - the app that helps children with mental health issues or just a bad day

Hi there,
Currently, I am working on an exciting project to help children with mental health issues or just having a bad day.
Home Page:

At my school, we had the opportunity to take part in a Vodafone App Competition where you would create, design and build a prototype of an app to help the community. We came up with MHIRA (the ‘Mental Health Issue Resolving App’) and made a prototype using AppLab (what Vodafone wanted you to use). We got through to the finals with this app, but the event was cancelled due to the current situation. Me, noticing this gave me more time to work on the app (not to gain advantage, it will not be used in the competition - it’s just because I actually want the app to work), started work on designing and making a brand new prototype using HTML, PHP, Javascript and MySQL. Some of my favourite features right now include:

  • Full signup/login system (with forgot password)

  • Prototyped speech recognition

  • MySQL integration to save user info/data/etc.

  • Lists of helpline and online chats with services such as Childline, with calling straight from the app

  • And more…
    (if you think we should add some features, just tell me and we’ll see if we want to add it)

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to host this on Glitch due to its use of mysqli (which is not available on Glitch), however, I am looking into using MongoDB Atlas Clusters (free databases using MongoDB, very similar to SQL) instead of MySQL and then hosting it on Glitch.
I’ll be working on this all through lockdown, so I hope I can get it to a point where I can give you a working app. (We will use webview on Android Studio to make an Android App)


I do believe that you can sort of use MySQL on Glitch with lamp-poc. But other than that a great idea!

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Hi! I think this would benefit many people.

Btw, i have several clusters if you wish to use those

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Thanks for the offer. MongoDB has an option for free clusters on their Atlas thing, so I’ll just use that when I get around to it!



Okay! The chat feature could include bots that randomly picks nice messages from an array.

Just an idea


Yep! The idea is that the person speaks to our mascot (?) Myra who would take what they say (from the JavaScript speech recogntion) and help them out. For example, she aks ‘How are you feeling today’ and we have a list of words like ‘bad’ and words like ‘good’ and she’ll make a response from that.

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From the sounds of this i’ll assume your using webRTC?

No, I’m not. I’m just using this thing:
However, I could look into using a service like WebRTC to make it more streamlined.


webRTC could be useful for video calling to offer support?

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Also, the speech recognition doesn’t work on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari. I haven’t been focusing much on the development of the speech recogntion and actual ‘webapp’ part of it yet, so it probably would be best for me to find a more suitable API.

You could try a redirect if the recognition doesn’t work?

You see, this would be an app that you’ll be able to actually download and it wouldn’t be very good if you download it and then the main feature isn’t actually available to you because you used an Apple iOS phone. We want it to be available to as many people as possible.I wouldn’t want to block it off. Instead get a better working API

I see, you’ll need a flexible API for that.

@EddiesTech - i reccomend App Inventor for android development

I used to use that all the time! It uses an old version of android so the UI is a bit sketch but other than that it works well.

I’m just going to right it in HTML, PHP and JavaScript and then use a WebView in Android Studio (Google’s official Android Development Tool) to make the app (downloaded as an .apk file) act as if it is a web browser but without any UI components (like back button, search bar, etc.) There are a few hiccups with it (e.g. tel: links don’t work) but they can usually be fixed in the config of the app


Sounds like we’re almost ready!

Turns out that, according to this, the speech recogonition I’m using is powered somewhat by WebRTC or at least can’t be improved by it (e.g. it doesn’t have it own API for speech recogntion)

Ah, well perhaps you could use python for Voice recognition?

I really can’t find any good APIs to use. Google has this thing called DialogFlow, but I don’t even think I could use that anyway. Does anyone know some good speech recognition APIs. Twilio can recognise what you say on calls, but I don’t want it to be calling a number, I want it on the app