Might Have a Hacker

Hello! I need assistance with my project kazuma. I think someone hacked into my project and stole my credentials and files and is now using them. I first suspected this when my .env, index, package and database files went missing. The only other person with permission into the package is a close friend of mine, and he said he didn’t do anything to it. I went into the Rewind option and I saw an Anonymous user listed, and I don’t recognize the color of the avatar. I manually reset all my credentials in the .env file, and after a few minutes they disappeared. However, this time “I’m using the code” was replacing the credentials.

Could a support staff help me with this?

It looks like there’s only one other user with access to that project - dawsonjdv. That’s your friend, right? Are you sure he isn’t messing with you?

We do have a bug with Rewind where sometimes it incorrectly displays an anonymous user in the history, so that’s probably where that’s coming from.

I’m sure. Dawson’s account comes up with a separate avatar.

What I’m saying is that the anonymous avatar could be his changes too, because of the bug. That by itself doesn’t mean someone got into your project.

Is there a bug that causes some changes to not save authors correctly? And if so, who typed “I’m using the code” in the .env file? It wasn’t Dawson.

Yes, that’s what I’m saying. I think we have a bug where authors aren’t saved correctly sometimes. I don’t know where “I’m using the code” could have come from. It seems like a weird thing for a hacker to do - announce that they’re in your project. Was the whole .env file just “I’m using the code”, or was that in place of each value?

Your screenshot showed your .env file, so I deleted it. You might want to update your secrets.

Yeah, I agree. I’m just not sure what to do. It hasn’t happened since, so I think it’s okay now?

Oh, shoot, thank you. I didn’t mean to do that haha.