Minecraft Galactic alphabet translator!111

https://galac1.glitch.me/ very cool galactic translator
to use it, click the textarea and start typing
(it is the alphabet from the enchanting table in minecraft so it is called the galactic alphabet)

(i used translations from Standard Galactic Alphabet Translator ― LingoJam)

here is some secret text (in the minecraft galactic alphabet not a secret code), if you can decode the first it then comment the text below and u will get a free cookie legit!!!

Stop from try to make my flag funny.

Hi @user1, this is a really fun project! And yeah, even I’m wondering why this was flagged, maybe someone mistook it for a spam post…

“Never gonna give you up”, can I have my free cookie now? :laughing:

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yeFile:Choco chip cookie.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

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@Stilic this forum isnt only for questions, but you can share projects too! so it isnt off topic

Yes, you have reason! And, I am really sorry for the flag.