Minesweeper Command Issue

Remade this post because I thought I fixed the issue at the time i posted the old post, sorry about that!

Hi, Having an issue with my Minesweeper Command. Using Discord.JS and I keep getting the Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined after I attempt to specify a minesweeper board, i.e a4, d1f (f for flags).

The board loads fine, it just has issues not collecting the user responses i.e. a4, d1f etc. and timer ends with error. I Have tried to resolve this by changing this line of code:

  const filter = msgs => {
        const param = msgs.content.toLowerCase().split("");
        return param.length === 2 && alphabet.includes(param[0]) && parseInt(param[1], 10) < 7 && !answered.includes(param.join("")) && msgs.author.id === msg.author.id;

Code: https://hastebin.com/losurimiza.js