Minor bug w Glitch handbook on Careers page

When you visit the Careers page in the About section of Glitch, you get an alert from the browser stating that No project found at handbook. Perhaps a typo?

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, where the handbook should be embedded, there is an embedded project, but I either see my own featured project (if I’m signed in) or a random project (always the A Dream of the Future app, remixed, when I tested but that could just be incidental.) I’m still able to see the handbook by following the link in the text above the embedded app (here) -->

but even once I visit the handbook, I’m unable to edit it. If I click the edit button in the top lefthand corner (while viewing the project at handbook.glitch.me) the page navigates to a project editor, issues the same error as above (No project found at handbook. Perhaps a typo?) and then loads a different project.

When I searched for the project, I found different versions of the handbook (such as https://handbook-pwa.glitch.me/), leading me to believe that either editing the project has been disabled, or the original project has been deleted and replaced with something new? I’d be happy to remix and apply changes either way!

Hey @househaunt this should be fixed now - we’d mistakenly set the project to private. Thanks for the report!