Missing module "on-finished"

My project [ressa] went offline almost 12 hours ago and hasn’t recovered since.

I keep receiving “Error: Cannot find module ‘on-finished’” errors. The project itself hasn’t been altered in a few days, so I’m not entirely sure what caused it to crash and why something would be missing.

You can try refreshing your project by opening the console…
…and typing refresh

I’m well aware of that. Changes nothing.

Another option would be to have somebody from @glitch_support hard restart your project. I doesn’t seem to be a code error as it was not changed for a days.

Add the module on-finished to your package.json file by using the Add Package feature.

That also changed nothing. I get more errors there saying I may not have permission to install those packages.

Again, nothing on my end has changed, so I’m fairly certain I need support to take a look.

Does running enable-pnpm help?


Still not sure what changed that caused it to crash in the first place, but that helped! Thanks!