Mobile Editor Needs Some love and essential changes

Hey fellow devs,

i love glitch! but not on mobile. I under glitch is built responsive however coding especially non web languages is a physically painfull experiance. here’s some suggetions which glitch needs:

  1. A PWA for android! Please

  2. A way to permanently toggle off the preview window on projects (really annoying on mobile )

  3. A restart/refresh button option

  4. Fix Desync. I understand it also has to do with network speeds but some improvements could be made. I try to type something it shows that I typed it yet when I reload it’s not there.

These changes alone will make our lives easier.
Thank you very much !

Yes, the mobile editor really need some love.

A poll for users without any more votes left, like me:

  • yes, it needs some love
  • nah, it’s fine already

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These are great suggestions, thank you :sparkling_heart: We’ve made some internal tasks to make the editor feel like a better experience on mobile / iPad (which is how I do a lot of my glitch coding these days!)


Can we also please consider a layout redesign on a mobile friendly version?

Maybe the editor must be replaced with something like Ace or hmmmmmm…

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I heard that the new CodeMirror 6 has better mobile support than previous versions. Has anyone tried that out?


Still I think a PWA would be a major improvement. More over a better editor/page layout on mobile would definitely help