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Good evening Glitch members,

We had been provided a link called charlie remix this, originally through this link we were able to add our website from Shopify to Glitch and edit the code using remix this in order to improve user experience and bring our lighthouse score up. We have since lost this link and unsure how we can proceed with development of user experience.

Warm Regards


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Hello and welcome to the forum @Remedy :slight_smile:

It sounds like you used to have a link which would remix the live version of your shopify site into Glitch, is that right? I’ve not come across something like that. Normally, remix can only work on either a Github repository, or an existing Glitch project.

Do you know whether the tool itself was a Glitch project (i.e. did it have a domain name)?

Also, if you know the name of any Glitch projects you remember, those would be helpful for us to search by.

Hopefully we can help you find the system (if it still exists :))

Oh btw, consider searching your email and IMs for “charlie” and “remix” if you haven’t already!

Evening SteGriff.

Thank you and for your reply, yes that is correct! pretty sure it was a Glitch project at charlie remix this mind you it may have been a GitHub repository, as for projects unsure yet to search emails we shall be doing this shortly.

Warm Regards